“Przystań“ is the Polish word for “Haven”, which is the name of a house for homeless people in Leśna, Poland. Since its foundation in 1992, Jan Sykała, the current manager, has put in a lot of effort and dedication to make the home what it is today: a place where people do not only find shelter, but also a homely atmosphere where someone cares for them.
The house accommodates between 80 and 90 mostly elderly homeless men. The residents are themselves responsible for the daily duties, such as cooking, cleaning, preparing firewood and taking care of renovation works in the house.  But most importantly, they look after each other, especially after the elderly and the disabled. In 2014, the Polish Holosophic Society (PTH) donated some fresh organic vegetables from the garden of the Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) to the home. (Read more in our blog post “Veggies for the Elderly”). However, a more personal contact was established almost a year later, when the PTH visited the home and its residents in 2015. The house manager gave a guided tour through the house, showing us all the rooms and facilities. It was very touching to meet the residents, who welcomed us warmly and with open arms. Many of the residents are disabled, so walking aids and wheelchairs are most needed. So far the PTH has been able to donate some crutches, a rolling walker and a wheelchair, as well as food and clothes.
The man in front of the sewing machine is a shoemaker, busy making house shoes for the residents in the home. All his shoes are made from recycled materials, and whatever he finds will be turned into something useful.

The limited, mainly privately donated resources are barely sufficient to keep the center running. Every little contribution is therefore greatly appreciated, and will enable us to purchase the following items:

  1. Wheelchairs
  2. Mattresses
  3. Bunk beds
  4. Beddings
  5. Towels
  6. Bandaging material, plaster etc.
  7. Clothes for men (aged 30 – 85)
  8. Food
  9. Cleaning supplies
  10. Big washing machine for about 24 kg

Apart from financial support, wheelchairs or a big washing machine are most welcome. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, a joy shared is a joy doubled. We hope that the home will continue to provide a safe haven for its current and future residents. If you would like to support this project, you can transfer your donation directly to the following account:

Bank: Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien (Germany)

IBAN: DE57 8505 0100 3100 0426 45 BIC: WELADED1GRL

Account holder: Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne (ul. Leszczyńskiego 4/25, 50-078 Wrocław)

For a transfer without fee choose the option SEPA-transfer or EU-transfer.