Spain, 28 December 2014

 After the successful spring-cleaning in August, a group of volunteers decided to go back to the village of Segart at the end of December 2014, in order to tidy and replant several public areas.

It was a rather cold winter morning, when the volunteers gathered together with two people from the city council, who provided gardening and cleaning tools. They began to clear up the central square in front of the City Hall, while some neighbours were curiously watching them.

After having picked up all the rubbish, the volunteers piled up several waste bags, which were then collected in a small truck.

After that a considerable amount of greens were planted, as well as some roses supplied by the council and many other plants that volunteers had generously brought from different parts of Spain, such as various succulents and herbs.
The municipality provided several bags of soil, and roses were transplanted in various plant pots next to a large tree in the centre of the square. The surrounding plants were pruned and all the withered branches and leaves removed, getting them ready for spring.


A variety of succulents were implanted opposite the town hall before work continued in the old washing place, which was thoroughly cleaned before planting the herbs at the entrance.


At about 11 am, we were pleasantly surprised by a few friends who had brought some delicious hot chocolate and “sopaipas” (homemade sweet with fried flour).

Time for a break and recharging our batteries!


Finally, all the leftover material was removed and the freshly planted square was looking spick and span.

An elderly lady from the village asked us to do the same on a small square close to her house in another part of the village. Some of the volunteers immediately went there. At first, there appeared to be no end in sight, but ultimately also this place was looking neat and clean.

The lady was very pleased and invited the group to come back in spring, when the blossoming flowers will be revealing their full beauty.