From Heart to Heart

Israel, November 2014

There are so many people in the world who need help, and so many different ways of making a positive impact on other people’s lives.

We decided to start small, so for our next charity project we joined forces with a charity called Yad Le Arad. This organisation works with our local Social Care Department and helps needy people by delivering food received from hotels and individuals. They also supply medicine, or help elderly and disabled people with various household repairs.

First of all we purchased items from a list supplied by Yad Le Arad. While we were out shopping, we had the opportunity to think about the needs of other people being less fortunate than ourselves.

Once the items had been purchased, they were then collected together at our centre. Finally, all of the produce was packed and ready for delivery.

Before handing the parcels over to Yad Le Arad, we wanted to add a small handmade gift. We went to a kibbutz for the weekend, where we were able to spend some time together and make some gifts. We prepared some paper hearts containing kind and joyful messages, as well as some beautiful greeting cards for the holiday of Hanukkah in December. The gifts, hearts and greeting cards enabled us to not only share something material, but also a small piece of our hearts.