Greece, November – December 2014

In the last two months of 2014, a group of seven people from Athens carried out a special project for a large non-profit organisation called ”Praksis”. The organisation works with volunteers and helps the community in many ways, such as receiving immigrants from all over the world and helping them with the required papers. It offers homeless people a place to shower or to stay during the day as well as providing clothing, medical care and access to hostels. They also provide a day care service for children, this gives the parents the opportunity to seek employment and the possibility to go to work. Their latest achievement is the provision of an extensive library in various languages.

Our plan was to enhance the appearance of an outdoor sitting area on the fifth floor of the building for the homeless in downtown Athens. Using a lot of plants and some old wood from our homes, we arranged various sitting areas, planted small trees and plants and protected the whole terrace with a bamboo fence.

The final touch was provided by adding some small laminated posters containing positive messages and posting them throughout the building.

In spring, when the plants get greener and the flowers start blossoming, the new garden will reveal its full beauty. The green oasis in the midst of all the cement and misery of the surrounding area will certainly by appreciated by all the visitors.

At the end of the project, the Holosophic Society Greece was pleased to receive a thank you letter from the central office of “Praksis”.

To: Holosophic Society of Greece

Athens, January 12th 2014

Dear Sirs,

With this letter we would like to thank you for your sensitivity, as well as for your valuable help and support of the programs of PRAKSIS and especially for your contribution to the Day Care Center for the reception of the homeless on Deligiorgi 26-28 street.

We thank you warmly, you and the members of the Holosophic Society of Greece, for your contribution with garden items as well as for the landscaping of the space on the 5th floor, where the services of our Center are housed.

As a motivating power for its activities PRAKSIS uses people such as you who, with their generosity, help make our dream into an action. The material as well as moral support of our donators is very important and gives us courage to continue with our work, offering our fellow men, those things that many a time we take for granted but for many now have become a luxury.

We hope that we will find you supporting our work in the future as well.

With special respect

Mari Halaka