Lighthouse Center® Poland, 24 February 2015

On 24 February 2015 some members of the PTH (Polish Holosophic Society) visited the founders of ”Fundacja Kuby Kotlińskiego” a Polish charity that helps sick and disabled children (read more about the foundation in our previous post) This was the first time that the two parties met and the PTH members delivered some donations that they had received on their behalf. These items included a wheelchair, several packages of diapers and creams, some toys and some handmade materials.

The founders, Adam and Edyta Kotlinscy, were very happy to receive the unexpected support of the PTH. Having themselves faced the difficulties of caring for a disabled child, Adam and Edyta Kotlinscy decided to support other people in the same situation. At present the foundation supports about twenty families some of which have single parents.

The foundation completely relies on donations and it urgently requires some basic items to adequately support the children and teenagers.

Adam and Edyta told us that one of the biggest needs is to provide diapers to the families, especially the bigger sized ones for older children and teenagers. Large diapers are relatively expensive in Poland and the government can only help by providing one diaper per day to each family. The families supported by the foundation are already strained by financial hardships and are struggling to buy basic care products for their children.

The support was greatly appreciated and they immediately published a post on their Facebook site.

The PTH is hoping to raise more financial means in order to continue supporting the children and their families.