The economic crisis and the associated austerity measures have had a severe impact on people’s living and working conditions in Greece. About a third of the population have lost their jobs and consequently their health insurance. There is still no recovery in sight and more people are losing their jobs every day. Some families don’t even have enough money to buy basic foods and are suffering from malnutrition. Thousands of children are no longer being vaccinated against deadly diseases, which might have a devastating effect on the future society in Greece.

The “Clinic of Solidarity” in Thessaloniki in northern Greece was established in autumn 2011 by a group of dedicated people from the social and health sector, with the aim to provide free health care for people without health insurance and refugees.

Since then, a number of committed doctors, psychologists and nurses have offered their services free of charge in various medical fields in the premises of the clinic or in their own infirmary. Their services include general medicine, inner medicine, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), dermatology, dental medicine, orthopaedics, paediatric and adolescent medicine, neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy. The medical specialists also provide vaccinations for children as well as free medicine in their in-house pharmacy.

The number of patients making use of clinic services has continuously increased within the last years and is currently estimated at 5000 – 6000 per year.

Two members of the Holosophic Society Greece regularly volunteer at the clinic. Besides the engagement of the volunteers, the clinic also depends on financial support to purchase medicine. Every little contribution is greatly appreciated and demonstrates solidarity beyond the borders of Greece.

We invite you to make a contribution to support this and other very needy causes sponsored by the HSI. The donations will enable us to buy medicine according to a list provided by the clinic. To support all our work, single contributions are always grateful, however, if you can set up a regular monthly contribution, this makes the possibility of ongoing support much easier.