Living Together in Green

Sofia, Bulgaria, 5 October 2014

Equipped with a hoe, spade, gardening scissors, broom, protective gloves, as well as some hope and faith that the good intentions and human efforts will lead to a positive change in the deserted garden, we started the second project initiated by the Capital Municipality called “Green Sofia”. Read about our first project here.

Work began with clearing up the area and after just half an hour five huge bags had been filled with litter. The lovely garden with its green grass areas, pine trees and lush bushes is definitely not the right place to host all this rubbish.

After that, the petrol chainsaw and the mower were put into operation. Thorns and branches could easily be removed and the two heaps of green forest waste were growing fast. It goes without saying that the waste would be moved to the future compost site.

After sticking hoes into the hard, almost stony earth, the first flowerbeds were taking shape. Then the area was cleaned and the initial outlines of the lawns were made visible again. Now it was time for a short break including a slice of pizza and a cup of tea before going back to work with new energy and strength.

The children showed their commitment with their own tools in their own territory: a pile of sand where they enjoy playing.

At around five o’clock in the afternoon we removed all our traces and left the place, looking forward to the next Sunday and some new surprises. Everyone is cordially welcome to join us!