Lighthouse Center® Poland, July 2014

In July our garden was overflowing with vegetables and we took the opportunity to share them with two retirement homes in our neighborhood. We had been in touch with these homes since autumn 2011 and had occasionally supported them with vegetables and homemade Christmas cookies.

One of them is situated in Lesna. It does not get any financial support from the state and is only taken care of by the church. The other home in Mirsk is smaller and slightly luckier in terms of financial aid.

The fresh organic vegetables were greatly appreciated and the elderly residents were really grateful. On that occasion we also shared some of the vegetables with the people in our street. We packed baskets full of courgettes, kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots, parsley, cabbage and cauliflower for each and everyone. The donation of food is always a good and direct way to contribute to the culinary well-being of others.