Bringing Life to the Desert

Israel, January 2014

Since time immemorial the holiday of Tu Bishvat has been celebrated in Israel as a “new year” for trees.
In contemporary Israel the holiday has become an ecological awareness day dedicated to the unity of man and nature. People of all ages plant trees, shrubs and flowers across the country.

About one year ago, the municipality in Arad city started a project called “the community garden”. A large area was divided into small plots, where people from the neighbourhood as well as children from schools and kindergartens are encouraged to plant flowers and trees and learn about gardening. As the holiday of Tu Bishvat was approaching, the municipality decided to combine it with the project.

The Holosophic Society in Israel found out about the project and decided to contribute by planting greenery on a plot in the community garden.

Work began in January. As Arad City is situated in the desert, the rocky soil is very difficult to work. After digging and pulling out big stones, we were happy to plant the seedlings. Due to the hard ground we only planted flowers such as geranium, gazania and decorative cabbage as well as herbs like parsley, sage and cilantro.
This first charity project was a great experience for everybody involved. The cooperation with the municipality showed that doing something together for the benefit of others can fill us with joy and satisfaction.