Lighthouse Center® Poland, June – August 2012


Once upon a time, there was a run-down playground in the center of the village of Pobiedna in lower Silesia, Poland.
Full of enthusiasm and with joint efforts the crew of the Lighthouse Center® Poland began to work on the old playground. Guests from all over Europe were invited to participate in the project.
Every helping hand was much appreciated, no matter what size. Together we can move mountains… or wheelbarrows.
Bad weather conditions did not prevent the group from carrying on the project and keeping the good mood.
The building site turned into a point of attraction, where young and old were eager to contribute to their new playground and village center.
After more than two months of daily work on the site, the big day had finally arrived. Hundreds of people could hardly await the opening of the playground.
And the children were playing happily ever after…
The crew of the Lighthouse Center® Poland are delighted to have been able to contribute and make a difference to people’s lives in Pobiedna.

Read more about the project on the HSI website or on the blog of the Playground Pobiedna Project.