Article published in monthly „Echa Izerskie“, issue Nr. 14, August 2012

Holosophy: What Does It Mean?

Holosophic Society from Pobiedna, together with their friends, is a group of people who out of the goodness of their hearts want to selflessly help the others. “I am impressed by their work“ said Mr. J. Surowiec.

Editor’s note: The Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne (Holosophic Society Poland) was responsible for this activity.

The motto of the activity of the group from Wola Sokolowska, where is the seat of the Society, is just “doing good”, even though this statement is not so popular nowadays. However, if even people from abroad join these activities, working at construction of a safe playground for children, or (in co-operation with the Soltys and the Soltys Council) build snow fences, so that the road is not blocked by snow anymore, it certainly deserves heartfelt thanks.

Moreover, the core of the Society’s activity is establishing proper interaction between people and animals, promoting vegetarian diet, etc.  “Doing good“ is simply the matter of one‘s character.