In February, a large amount of clothes and toys was donated to the people of Pobiedna in a charity event. During the freezing winter we wanted to help the most needy people in Pobiedna.

The local priest was asked what was needed most. “Everything, but especially things for the children,” was his response. Thereupon friends of the Holosophic Society Poland from Germany and Poland donated – in only three weeks – the huge amount of 20 square meters of clothes, shoes, toys, and school material.

After several days of sorting the mountains of clothes and toys, the distribution event took place on the 12th February in the sports hall of Pobiedna.

The villagers were pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly huge amount and the high quality of all the gifts, which they received with a grateful and sharing attitude. The children were overjoyed by the toys. Especially shoes, but also bedding and toys were much sought after.

A family father exclaimed happily: “Oh, the holy Santa Claus has come to us!”

German games and children’s books were also very popular. The large quantity of school material was delivered directly to the village school, where the children begin to learn German at an early age.

Homemade cookies and cakes, tea and coffee for the adults and lemonade for the kids, were offered during the event. In a “cozy corner” children were invited for face painting.

Visitor testimonial: “There was a friendly atmosphere at this event and many people came. Everybody was happy that so many things were offered. It was a big help for the youngest inhabitants of Pobiedna and Czerniawa, because help is very much needed here. I am delighted with this action.” (Olga)

As the event was such a great success, the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) and volunteers are planning further charity projects in the near future.

With a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to all donors, organizers, helpers, and friends who made this wonderful event possible.

—The Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) Board and Volunteers