AHE Volunteers Replanting Trees in Malaga (Spain)

In November 2016, after the first seasonal rainfall, several volunteers of the Holosophic Society Spain (AHE) offered their help with planting trees for the project named “Arboledas” (Groves) initiated by Malaga’s council. The purpose was to preserve the natural…

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Compassion for the elderly

Due to the increasing amount of homes for elderly in Spain, and the amount of the permanent residents in these homes, a group visited a nursing home in Levante.

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Caring for the Elderly

During the last months, several groups within the HSI region have got involved in voluntary activities for the elder generation. According to the local needs and possibilities, the activities range from private support of individuals to group projects such as…

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Cleaning and Greening a Village

After the successful spring-cleaning in August, a group of volunteers decided to go back to the village of Segart at the end of December 2014, in order to tidy and replant several public areas.

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Seeds in Recycled Containers

It was a chilly morning on the day of the workshop. We waited for the night dew to dissipate and then we began with our preparations. The materials were distributed over several tables. Organic seeds and seedlings, the sample containers, and everything needed was...

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Spring-cleaning in August

Segart is a small village situated in the north of Valencia, in a natural park of special beauty. Less than 100 mostly elderly people live there throughout the year. Due to a limited budget, only one employee can be afforded to take care of the cleaning, the general...

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