HSI Youth event

A HSI Youth event took place from 12 – 15 May 2016 in a Red Cross owned resort in Debeli rtič, Slovenia. More than 20 persons from 9 different countries participated. We spent some beautiful days together and even though the weather conditions weren’t in our…

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International weekend

Our first international meeting was held in the Youth Hostel in Debeli rtič and was attended by friends from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Our aim was to find new ideas on how to engage in charitable activities in our respective areas.

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Cross-generational Walk

A group of volunteers decided to take some elderly residents from a local retirement home for a walk through the old town of Ljubljana. Due to staff shortage, the elderly residents do not often benefit from social activities outside the retirement home. It goes without saying that not only the residents but also the employees are grateful to the support of our volunteers.

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2500 presents for migrant children

Several groups all over Slovenia got together and wrapped 2500 tiny presents for migrant children. Each little bag contained something to eat and a positive, encouraging thought. It is a frequent practice to give presents to each other in December, so we came…

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Cleaning a Shelter for Abandoned Cats

Around fifty cats dwell in a shelter for abandoned cats near the city of Izola. They all need food, fresh water, sand for the litter tray as well as some daily cuddles, so we decided to offer a helping hand.

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