Small Gifts Made with Great Joy

Two years have passed since our last project in cooperation with the voluntary organization called “Yad Le Arad”. This organisation works with our local Social Care Department and helps needy people by delivering food received from hotels and individuals. They…

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From Heart to Heart

There are so many people in the world who need help, and so many different ways of making a positive impact on other people’s lives. We decided to start small, so for our next charity project we joined forces with a charity called Yad Le Arad. This organisation…

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Deserted Beauty

After the project “Bringing Life to the Desert”, we decided to continue our commitment towards nature. As it turned out, many of us had long wanted to visit the desert in order to clean it up. One day in winter, two people of our group went for a walk in the…

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Bringing Life to the Desert

Since time immemorial the holiday of Tu Bishvat has been celebrated in Israel as a “new year” for trees. In contemporary Israel the holiday has become an ecological awareness day dedicated to the unity of man and nature. People of all ages plant trees, shrubs and…

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Lost Gardens in Arad City

In January 2014 the Holosophic Society in Israel organised a project called “Beautifying of kindergartens” in Arad city. About half a year before, two closely located kindergartens were invaded by earth beetles. In order to destroy the bugs biting the children…

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