Green Oasis on Fifth Floor

In the last two months of 2014, a group of seven people from Athens carried out a special project for a large non-profit organisation called ”Praksis”. The organisation works with volunteers and helps the community in many ways, such as receiving immigrants from…

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Solidarity Clinic

The economic crisis and the associated austerity measures have had a severe impact on people’s living and working conditions in Greece. About a third of the population have lost their jobs and consequently their health insurance. There is still no recovery in…

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Caring for the Elderly

Over a period of four days in May, a group of volunteers in Athens met to discuss, plan and finally implement a project at a day care centre for the elderly in a suburb of Athens named Heliopolis (city of the sun). A wide sidewalk separates the centre from a…

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Neglected Corners

In various discussions about how the organisation could contribute best to the surrounding community based on the current situation in Greece, there was one question that came up several times: what do the people need? Besides jobs and money the people in Greece…

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