Living Together in Green

Equipped with a hoe, spade, gardening scissors, broom, protective gloves, as well as some hope to bring about a positive change in the deserted garden, we were ready for the second project under the name “Green Sofia”.

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Winner of EUs WORLD YOU LIKE Challenge

Food for the Earth – Good for All was elected as the Bulgarian winner of the EU World You Like Challenge 2013. ”The World You Like jury from Bulgaria and Europe have been looking for the most creative, impactful and efficient initiative in your country…

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Living Together

In the amazing Knyazhevska forest on the outskirts of the Vitosha mountain in Sofia, three sites were being transformed. The project kicked off on Sunday, 6 October 2013…

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Food for the Earth

As part of a bigger project intending to increase the ecological awareness within the local community, a compost site was built by the Holosophic Society in Bulgaria. By composting the organic waste, the amount of waste is not only being reduced, but at the same time...

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